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Only those over the age of 15 will be able to remember a time when the Internet wasn’t everywhere. To find someone who can remember a world without home computers, you’d have to go back as far as 30 years. Computers have become instrumental in everything we do it’s hard to recall or imagine our lives without them.

The IT industry is not going away any time soon. In fact worldwide IT spending for 2012 was estimated at £2,322bn GBP ($3,588bn USD) and is predicted to increase to £2,418bn GBP ($3,737bn USD) in 2013. is dedicated to supporting you along your chosen career path and with IT being such a huge part of the workforce, our Career Spotlight Graphic highlights two well-trodden IT career paths you may wish to consider when mapping out your future career. With 1700+ IT jobs on the site at present, why not upload your CV or sign up for our email alerts and let guide you along the path to career success and job satisfaction. Use the embed code at the bottom of this graphic to publish it on your own blog!

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IT career ladder

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